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Captive Tix is Your Ticket to Profitable Events


Welcome to a collaborated effort of promotors who have launched successful music festivals, live concerts, and curated community events of ALL sizes. 

See what our new digital ticketing and event promotion platform can do for your next music or community venue.


"Pop Up" Box Office

CaptiveTix seamlessly creates your new box office operations. The CaptiveTix system is easy to learn, and teach - you'll have your box office staff trained in no time. Sell tickets via credit card or cash on site with ease using the Box Office app. Track card and cash sales and issue tickets instantly.

Branding Control

Control your brand experience with CaptiveTix. Most ticketing providers fix their brand atop of your ticketing page. We think that stinks. With CaptiveTix, every event page is completely customizable to match your branding. In other words, your event ticketing pages look like you, not us. No one will ever know it was us behind the scenes

Reserved Seating

We support reserved seating, general admission seating and can handle events with combination reserved and general admission seating. We program your seating charts for you at absolutely no cost.

Sell Merchandise

Our research has shown that upwards of 20% of ticket buyers will add additional upgrades and merchandise to their ticketing order. This leads to a massive increase in average ticketing order and net revenue. Whether it is a T-shirt, book, perk or some other amenity, you'll be shocked at how much more you'll make when adding upgrades to your ticketing page.

Reccuring & Timed Entry Ticketing

Sell tickets for timed entry venues, attractions, shows, tours, and more. Captive Tix has a robust set of ticketing options to sell tickets for the most complicated event you can image. We can power ticket sales recurring events, daily events or time slotted events with ease.

Ticket Scanning

We know how important a fast checkin process is. That is why we have run the industry's most powerful scanning technology. Our scanning app is fast, has built in fraud detection, scans across limitless gates and devices, and is easy to us. And if you are still selling tickets the day of your event, new tickets orders arrive on all the devices within a minute. If you lose internet connection, ticket scanning resumes without a hitch with all ticket data stored locally on every device.

Real Time Analytics

Get jaw dropping insights into your ticketing page's performance with our real time analytics. Track page visitors, sales, refunds and conversion rates instantly without having to run any manual reports. Discover trends and build metrics for our native tools..

Virtual Events

We know what it feels like to be blindsided and forced to pivot. Captive Tix aims to be your guide to navigate all this. Whether you are launching a virtual event for the first time or are converting an in-person event to virtual, we got you covered. Captive Tix is an online ticketing system and virtual events platform in one and is ready to help you host your best event ever.

Card on File Pre-Reservation

Captive Tix is the only ticketing company that empowers you to promote and sell tickets to your future event risk-free during COVID-19. Resume your event now with CaptiveTix’s proprietary pre-reservation feature that eliminates any risk for mass canceling and refunding tickets should COVID shut you down.

And many more!

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  • Mobile QR code scan-in/Scan out

  • Box office point of sale

  • Virtual front gates for streamed events

  • Event web pages

  • Guest lists feature

  • Discount codes

  • Digital PDF ticketing

  • Sales and attendee reporting

  • Pre Sale Registration Social Media Contents 



    Captive Audience Events is a robust ticketing application used by event organizers and creators to sell tickets and collect registrations for their events, both in-person and virtual.

    Earn an average of 27% more! | Powerful marketing modules  | Built-in event live streaming capabilities


    Tell us the event and we will create tickets for your events, and select several options to customize each ticket type. Limit whether they are transferable, come with streaming access, as well as on sale and price increase times.

    In-person, virtual, or combo tickets | Customizable settings | Unique QR codes and ticket IDs


    Sell tickets at the box office or over the phone prior to the event with the box office point of sale system. Pull tickets from the inventory and sell them for cash or credit to keep records on door sales.

    Cash or credit transactions | Works on mobile, tablet, or desktop | Box office reporting


    Look up customer orders by first name, last name, email, phone, ticket or order ID to make changes or updates to an order. Transfer tickets or process refunds as necessary with ease.

    Easy order lookupTransfer, edit, and refund | See order or attendee level data


    Use our mobile app to quickly scan QR codes with the camera on your iOS or Android phone, or check in people using the box office order lookup for will call. Instant QR validation saves time at the gate or front doors.

    Mobile app for portable QR scanning | Will call check in for box office | Customer service and order lookups


    Create discount codes quickly and easily for promotions. Customers can input discount codes at checkout to redeem them.

    Limit uses and timeframes | Flat fees or percentage amounts | Set per ticket type


    Create and manage guests, and organize them into lists. Create separate lists for guests of artists, staff, or any other category. Manage them on the go with the mobile app for last-minute additions during the event.

    Add guests quickly and easily | Organize into guest lists | Manage guests on the go


    Report leading up to the event and after the event on your attendees and sales with robust reporting. Download reports in CSV files to send along to others or to upload into your financial bookkeeping software.

    Detailed attendee reports | Create sales reports | Download CSV

    Starting At $3.79 per ticket +2.9% for credit card transaction processing + .99 Management Fee


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